Nattura labs

To Nattura Labs, the key to success is the result of the vision and experience accumulated over 30 years in the development of products for hair, nails and skin care.

Since the beginning the company has its base in Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico. Now with presence in more than 42 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia-exporting to Thailand, the Middle-East-exporting to Syria, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

One of the achievements of this group of professionals is the incorporation of plant extractions to the chemical formula of the products, and the adaptation of the substances according to the needs of hair.

The first big massive success of the company, which employs about 3 thousand people, was registered during the year of 2000 with the line of Junky Punky, achieving record sales, becoming one of the most required products of people from all ages.

This product achieved record sales figures and positioned in the consumer preference for children, youth and adults.

In the year 2004, the marketing department started working with the purpose to create a new product which would be different from the rest, parting from a sample that came to their hands.

The result was a mixture which they called "snott", attributed to a gorilla."The difference between Snott Gorila gel and the rest of the products is the name and then the characteristics in its application, the three fixing levels, plus the ability to change the hairdo reusing gel by simply wetting the hair".

Before then, the sales of those products were made only through beauty salons, because of the professional nature of the products.

Then the hair spray appeared in its two presentations, which ratified the innovative spirit of the research and development department of the company.

"By tradition the hair color was prepared with European techniques, but the formula was adjusted for the Latinos type of hair, because it contains more red pigments and its thickness"

One of Nattura Laboratorios' biggest accomplishments in 2011 is reaching the positioning status of Gorilla Snott (Moco de Gorila) in the market. Reaching amazing sales levels both in our national (Mexican) Market and in our exports, Gorilla Snott has presence in North, Central and South America, as well as Asian and Middle Eastern Markets. Reaching sales that easily surpass 2 Million units per month, Nattura Laboratorios is still pushing strong with Gorilla Snott, reaching more and more homes worldwide every day.

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